The Image Factory

A Public Relations Agency That Builds Your Image.

The Image Factory is a collection of seasoned communications professionals with a tremendous amount of business savvy. Here, we call upon our combined 34 years of professional experience to understand what influences a company’s success across various industry sectors. Our marketing wisdom puts us in a leadership position when it comes to building a customized strategic game plan that fits your exact need. We think strategically first, then develop and deploy the latest communications tactics to effectively and persuasively reach your target audiences.


The ability to think and act in a strategic manner is invaluable, and essential to long-term success. Our counsel goes beyond public relations communication techniques. The Image Factory has formulated business strategies involving corporate re-organization, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, start-up operations, class-action lawsuits, and environmental litigation. We bring sixteen years of experience with corporations, non-profit organizations, government organizations, and strategic partnerships.


Media relations is a cornerstone of almost all of our client’s communications programs. We start with research, identifying potential media outlets for both consumer and trade media. By using diverse communications tactics, we have helped clients effectively communicate key information to the media and other target audiences.


With today's gotcha journalism and transparent digital climate, your business, agency or organization could be at risk at any given moment. Bad publicity or a scathing review - whether driven by media or a social media platform - is not the end of the world. In fact, we see it as an opportunity to turn a would-be negative into a longer-lasting positive. We know how to get you through a difficult situation with your reputation intact and market share preserved, more often enhanced. The Image Factory offers a wide range of crisis-oriented services, including media training, crisis drills, litigation communications support, pre-crisis preparation and presentation training.


The Image Factory visual design programs share common purpose – they are designed to increase your bottom-line objectives by increasing visibility and credibility among your key customers, whether consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B). If you have an identity crisis, we can help. We have experience in developing impacting marketing collateral that includes co-branded postcards, one-page handouts, brochures, YouTube video-type video reels, and social media outreach.


The Image Factory provides a variety of public affairs services to complement internal efforts by legal, regulatory and government affairs departments. Typical public affairs activities include formulating issues management, designing community relations programs to reach opinion leaders and elected officials, building coalitions and conducting constituency “grassroots” issues campaigns.


The Internet is a dynamic communication tool with the ability to reach mass audiences where individual publishers have autonomy to produce and disseminate information real-time, all interacting directly with end users (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc.). Our social media campaigns put your messages directly in the face of the people who love you the most, then attracts those who may not know you even exist.

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