About Us

The Image Factory is an award-winning, integrated communications agency forged in honesty, problem-solving, and creative ideas.

The Image Factory is an agile team of communications professionals, at the peak of their careers, who exhibit a tremendous amount of business savvy. Here, our core group calls upon nearly two decades of professional experience – on both the client and agency side – to understand who and what influences a company’s success across various industry sectors or internal departments. Our marketing wisdom puts us in a leadership position when it comes to building smart, customized game plans that cleverly explain how and why our clients exist. We get results by keenly identifying the right channels, and then deploying timely communications through the right channels that persuade target audiences to take action, thereby supporting your organization’s goals and objectives – whether designed to drive sales, adapt cultural improvement, or both.

Chemistry At Work

We listen. There are no egos or big agency politics at The Image Factory – just us, dedicated marketing professionals, working hard to be a part of our clients’ success story. We understand that each client is unique and each campaign has its own merits. We also know that our clients have expertise in their industry that is invaluable to us, and we make sure to build and promote a successful business relationship where our clients feel that their needs and goals are being met at all times.

We are great communicators. We constantly engage with clients throughout the process and promote an open and honest channel of communication. We take full ownership of our work and actions, and we appreciate constructive feedback – it helps us solidify our relationship with clients and produce better work.

We offer outstanding customer service. Every talent asset at The Image Factory has held one or more positions in the past where they have interacted directly with the public. We are an agile talent network that seeks to be known by our marketing expertise coupled with our remarkable customer service. Our talent typifies the ‘can do’ attitude towards all projects and challenges.

We love what we do and, above all, we believe in our work.

The Work Process – What to Expect

Step 1: Situational Analysis
We assess the current state of your business and market condition that includes your target personas, pinpointing the right delivery channels, messaging, content strategy, website architecture, discoverability in search engines, social engagement, competitors, marketing technology used and more. We document our findings into an easy-to-understand set of recommendations.

Step 2: Create a Strategy Plan
The mutually agreed-upon plan becomes the step-by-step “blueprint” for your strategy. It drives all marketing activities focused on achieving your business goals. We collaborate to determine the responsibilities between your team and our team, according to your resources and budget.

Step 3: Implementation
The Work Action Plan (WPA) spells out the responsibilities of your team and our team members. With full visibility into all your marketing activities, the implementation of your marketing strategy will achieve best-case outcomes through rock-solid collaboration. From advisory to full execution, we complement your team as you need us to in the implementation of your plan.

Step 4: Analyze & Refine
In today’s digital landscape, selecting and calibrating the right communications channels to reach your target audience is an ever evolving field. We embrace the phrase the ‘science of marketing.’ Through testing and measuring outcomes, we can determine the mix of digital marketing elements that drive the best business outcomes. We adjust where needed and increase focus where results warrant the best ROI.

Do you want to maximize brand performance?