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Engagement is the path to building truth and trust among employees and key stakeholders.

The Image Factory is a world-class employee engagement communications agency that empowers companies to achieve business goals through internal branding, strategy and measurement, change management, leadership development, and recruiting and retention.

Internal Branding – Some businesses spend time and money in developing their customer marketing, but overlook their internal brand alignment. By strengthening the internal brand, companies significantly improve the customer experience, as well as lay the groundwork for a high-performing culture that’s activity engaged in the company’s business goals. We can help with corporate storytelling so your people represent the essence of your brand in everything they do and say.

Strategy & Measurement – Every corporate organization has it’s own unique fingerprint. We listen to clients to understand business goals and objectives. Then we craft intelligently savvy internal communications plans to reach those goals. But we don’t stop at merely create plans and implement them, we look back to see how well they worked. Measurement is key to continuously engaging through communications channel that actually work.

Research & Insight – What’s the heck is going on? Find out by getting to the heart of the matter through carefully designed and implemented surveys built on a range of different research methods – from traditional paper-based surveys to rapid-response online tools to live-action public votes. We can help deliver the insights you need to take appropriate action.

Change Management – Change provides an opportunity to grow the business, which can either create brand advocates or destroy morale. Respectful engagement – which means insightful, honest communication – is at the crucible of change from which to build a workforce’s trust in management.

Leadership Development – Leaders who are genuinely engaging develop a deeper sense of likeability from others, inspiring the best out of others and themselves. It’s human nature. Insights emerging from new sciences like Positive Psychology and neurology, alongside understandings drawn from professional coaching and NLP are giving rise to a new set of ‘intelligences’ for successful leadership. At The Image Factory, we have a stable of talented professionals stemming from the senior corporate executives and military personnel, who firmly understand how leadership engagement sets the tone for procedural discipline.

Recruiting – Companies want to attract the best and brightest employees to help them deliver on business goals and objectives. We build sound intranet portals that give new hire candidates a glimpse into an enterprises’ greatness.

“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”Rosalynn Carter

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